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Business Law

Business law can mean a lot of things. It can mean legal issues surrounding the formation, sale, or purchase of a business. Or it can relate to a change in ownership structure of the business. It can also encompass disputes with third parties.


You may need help with forming a business or buying or selling an existing business. If forming a new business, I can assist with finding the best organizational structure for you, whether that is a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, corporation, or something else. I provide help with registering your business with Louisiana Secretary of State and navigating the other requirements of doing business in Louisiana. If you are purchasing or selling an existing business, I can review offer terms, purchase and sale agreements, and assist you with all facets of your transaction.

Changes in Ownership Structure

Whether you want to add a business partner, part ways with a business partner, or resolve a dispute between existing owners of a business, I can help.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Sometimes a dispute arises between a vendor, a client, business associate, or competitor. Whether it be a breach of contract issue, a management dispute, a payment issue, tortious business interference, or another business dispute, I can work with you on informal dispute resolution, and, if that doesn’t work, file suit to protect your interests; or, if you’re sued, I can defend you in the suit or assist with a settlement.