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Construction Law


In most cases, construction work is first memorialized in a contract between an owner and contractor or a contractor and subcontractor. My legal services include drafting, reviewing, and revising such contracts. The best way to avoid problems down the road is to agree to clear terms at the outset. I can help with that.

Public Bid Law

Louisiana Public Bid Law sets forth specific requirements for public entities relating to the procurement of materials and supplies and public works projects. My firm can provide assistance with responding to a solicitation, providing any required documentation, and subsequently negotiating a contract.

Often times, immediate action is required if you dispute the award of a public bid contract. Depending on the circumstances, it can be extremely important to dispute a bid award in a timely fashion. If necessary, I can help you file a preliminary and/or permanent injunction, temporary restraining order, writ of mandamus, and/or a petition for damages in a tight time frame to protect your interests.

Project and Contract Disputes

Once a project is underway, disputes may arise relating to payments, delays, workmanship, and completion of work. Whether you’re an owner or a contractor/subcontractor, I can provide assistance with liens, statements of claims, payment and performance bond claims, delay claims and liquidated damages assessments, and payment disputes. If mediation, arbitration, or litigation become necessary, I can assist.